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Ava Farms “Branch out; plant a tree” Cap

This is Ava Farm’s extremely popular signature cap. This quality cap (with adjustable sizing from 17” to 24”) is made of 100% polyester foam front for durability and has a 100% mesh back to keep you cool. Purchase this cap during any given calendar year and receive 10% off of all your Ava Farm’s purchases throughout the year [excludes gift cards]. Get yours for only $26.75 (includes free shipping) and show the world how much you care about the importance of planting and growing trees in keeping our environment healthy for flora and fauna.

Ava Farms Women’s
“Olives make you healthy, wealthy, and wise” Shirt

This is Ava Farm’s very flattering women’s shirt with 3/4 sleeves. White cotton fabric with black sleeves. This shirt displays the Ava Farms logo and an Arbequina olive branch from our olive tree orchard in the south pasture. Show your friends the love you have for olives and the peace and healthiness olives symbolize. Wear this shirt to various events sponsored by Ava Farms (such as cooking classes, bonsai tree trims, gardening sessions, etc.) and enjoy a 10% discount on the price of your admission ticket. Purchase your shirt today for only $37.95 (includes free shipping). Womens’ sizes are small, medium and large.

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