Ava Farms, Inc. is a Certified Wildlife Habitat in the Brazos Valley of Texas

Ava Farms Inc: Tree Farm in the Brazos Valley of South Texas

AVA – Agriculturally Valued Assets

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Ava Farms is a nationally certified wildlife habitat located in southern Texas

Note: Now that winter is almost upon us, it’s time to set up food and shelter for the wildlife in our areas [where typical feeding grounds may soon be covered up with ice and snow or where foliage will be going dormant once the first frost arrives.]


Ava Farms’ Paperwhite Trio Gift Sets

Ava Farms Paperwhite Trio Gift Set with Blue Frost Gems
Paperwhite Trio Gift Set
with Blue Frost Gems

Blue Frost Gems

Deep Emerald Gems
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Gift Set w/Blue Frost Gems

Ava Farms Ziva Paperwhites Gift Collection
Paperwhite Trio Gift Set

  • Grows easily indoors

  • Crisp white flowers, dainty centers

  • With planter & decorative gems

  • 3 bulbs, blooms indoors in 3-5 wks

  • 1-3 stems/bulb, 10-15 blooms/stem

  • Includes planting instructions

  • This is our soil-less, no mess kit

  • Includes indoor gardening tool set

  • Makes a beautiful gift!

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    Gift Set w/Deep Emerald Gems

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